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Travel back in time, with this game that will remind you how important it is to have courage to face the adversities that come your way.

Throughout action-color scenarios, meet Pichi , a blue penguin who thanks to his small size and incredible swimming ability has been sent on an adventure to return home.

Explore impossible worlds for a penguin, from a hot desert to a coral reef, fight enemies, solve puzzles and take on Nanuk, the pirate polar bear that attacked your ship.

Pocket Penguin without a doubt, a platformer adventure that will remind you of the Game Boy era.

To simulate the simple (but harder in some cases) style of the Game boy games, we used a simple phrase to guide the mechanics of the game. “Use bombs to attack. Use bombs to jump” This means that the core gameplay is based in two buttons, each one represents one action, so you will have to time your attacks in order to defeat enemies and interact with items.


- Lovely and original pixel art mixed with music comes directly from Game Boy. We used the sound chip in order to create a soundfont, that we can use later in Music Software.

- Five worlds that recreates a lot of enviroments in a specific order: Peaceful Plains, Old Desert, Lavender Ocean, Autumn Forest,  and  Risky Ice.

- Minigames that expands the main adventure.

- Enemies and some interactive items drop loots, from food, to coins that you can spend in “Warlus Mart”.

- Casual, Normal (the original) and Master difficulty.

- Three modes of gameplay screen (4:3, 16:9 and streched)

-Borders for 16:9


The intention of generating a video game like Pocket Penguin is to raise awareness of people through the two main characters, Pichi and Nanuk.

The word Pichi (pronounced Peechee) comes from the Mapuches a town that inhabits Chile and Argentina, which means small. For another hand, the word Nanuk (or Nanook) originates in the indigenous languages of North America and means "polar bear". In Inuit mythology he was the master of bears.

Pichi is a small penguin who seeks to survive together with his family, in the face of climate change that is leaving him without food due to the increase in temperature on our planet and in the face of adversity decides to act to avoid devastating consequences. Similarly, Nanuk, who is the villain, has to leave his habitat to search for food.

As such, we can find, such as what happened at the south pole, in which due to the unusual levels in the ice banks, the Adelaide penguins were forced to go further in search of food, leaving about 40 thousand young penguins who died at the mercy of climate and hunger. At the north pole, polar bears began to change their seal diet to eggs, causing an imbalance in the biological rhythm of ecosystems.

The Kickstarter of this game was successfully and was funded in 24 hrs. Also, this game won the national contest of videogames in México in 2017 (Videojuegos MX).

And finally, this game was approved to be on consoles (Nintendo Switch and Xbox) but due to the high cost of the devkits, the console release was delay. If you want to support us, we will appreciate it!


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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